Derapi provides simple, secure, and reliable cloud API access to behind-the-meter energy devices

Our electricity system relies on behind-the-meter devices more than ever before. From Demand Response and Virtual Power Plants to Electrification and Pay-for-Performance incentive programs, the demand for data and communication with DER devices is greater than ever.

Derapi makes this communication easy. Our unified data infrastructure provides simple, reliable, and secure access to a multitude of supported devices through a single, cloud-based application programming interface. By removing the cost and complexity of bespoke software integrations, Derapi accelerates time to market for DER software developers, and extends market reach and reduces support costs for device manufacturers.

If your business requires you to communicate with distributed solar, energy storage, electric vehicles and EV chargers, smart thermostats, or any other behind-the-meter energy device, Derapi is an ideal partner for you. We welcome an opportunity to discuss how we can meet your needs.

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